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Franck Ribery Biography

There are many stars in France who were born in modest families. Franck Ribery biography is no exception. He was born at the bottom of French society, in a low income neighborhFranck Riberyood, in the vicinity of Boulogne-sur-Mer. At the age of two, he was involved in a tragic car accident, leaving him with several serious injuries, including the one on his face, which is now known as his trademark.

In 1999, he was expelled from the Lille Football Academy for bad behavior. Since then, he embarked on a journey to all sorts of French football clubs, including Boulonge, Brest, Olympique Ales, and most famous, Mets. He was continuously followed by bad luck as his career is full of contractual issues, financial problems and poor media coverage.

He is known for changing a lot of football clubs during his career. After he was declared mad at the French football society, he chose to play for Galatasaray, a Turkish team. The fans loved him, for he helped the team gain several times, and nicknamed him “Scarface”, because of the childhood scar on his face. He only played in Turkey for one season, but the club and the fans loved him and helped him become one of the stars, when they defeated their rivals, in the Turkish Cup of 2005. That was the beginning of his rise and his first major trophy.

Things were good in Turkey, but bad luck followed him again and after spending some months without being paid he decided to end the contract and return to France, at Marseille. It was a very good deal for Marseille, as they paid nothing for Ribery. It was a good year for him, as he proved to be more focused and determined. He scored no less than 5 goals in 25 games and was awarded League 1 Young Player of the Year. It was the moment when the French Football Federation noticed him and started to be interested in his evolution.

In 2006, he won a position in the senior national league and, after playing in six of the seven games, including the one against Italy, he turned out to be one of the leading players of the tournament. The people of France replaced Zidane with Ribery deep into their hearts. So, Frank Ribery became one of the top players in Europe.

After such great results, many European football clubs wanted Ribery, but Marseille didn’t approve on any offer, as they knew at that time that Ribery was the next best thing in European Football. The club was right, as Ribery won the Player of the Year trophy. It was at that moment when his luck started to turn, and he was sold to Bayern Munich for the fabulous sum of 25 million Euros. Such a turn of events had no precedent in the European history of Football.

Gaining trophy after trophy, Ribery is now considered one of the best football players in the world, in 2008 being nominated for the Golden Ball. He didn’t win that trophy, as it was awarded to Christiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United star.

After that, he was involved in a scandal with a high class prostitute and he almost didn’t make it to the 2010 World Cup. But, after losing twice the UEFA Champions League, he finally won it in 2013, in the final against the German team Borussia Dortmund.

Franck Ribery biography is full of ups and downs, making an excellent success story, as he is now known as one of the best football players in the world.

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