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Once again Nokia strikes the market with a brilliant smart-phone – THE LUMIA 521: Nokia has always been one of those brands that have formed a foremost part of the consumers’ consideration lisNOKIA LUMIA 521 Latest REVIEWt. With its attractive compact design, the new product has qualified to attract significant attention in the market.

A smooth, white plastic cover wraps the back of phone in its own unique style. The front features a black bezel surrounding 4-inch display. Beneath the screen are three buttons namely the home button, search button and capacitive back button. Of course, the phone features Nokia’s logo as a trademark, right above the LCD. The upper edge holds headphone jack while its bottom houses the micro-USB port.

The look of the right side of this set is enhanced with the usage of glossy buttons which work as volume rocker, power and camera buttons. The handset itself is user friendly; with buttons easy to press and a weight of just 4.4 ounces, the LUMIA 521 seems to be quite light to carry.

1Moreover the phone measures 4.4 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches, a preferred size by the target audience. Removing the back cover reveals the removable battery, a SIM-card slot as well as a micro SD Card slot as a supplement to the 8GB of built-in storage.

However a phone so perfect in its look probably has some drawbacks too; Nokia has comprised on display which is sad. Lumia 521’s LCD is a fairly disappointing 800 x 480 pixels, which makes reading text on the screen a bit challenging. Furthermore, tilting the device slightly back or forward results in wash-out images. But on the positive side, video clips from YouTube looked very colorful and the screen is highly receptive to even the slightest touch.

And what else can be better than Nokia handsets when it comes to sound quality! The Lumia 521 thrills the surrounding with its small speaker and clear audio display.

imagesTalking about the interface, once the phone is unlocked a sea of icons like Live Tiles, app shortcuts etc that can be seen that can be adjusted as desired. Live Tiles initially assists in creating tiles for any favorite stuff including playlists, people, websites, so on and so forth.

The LUMIA 521 makes use of Windows Phone 8 to give an enchanting experience to its users; Facebook photos or news feed are displayed automatically without the use of finger. The phone also takes up the responsibility of reminding users of upcoming appointments and messages in waiting.

The most astonishing feature is its Kid’s Corner feature; this facility gives the leverage to handle the phone to children without having to worry about access to important information. This feature helps to limit the access of the user to the chosen apps while the rest apps are disabled.

With respect to web browsing, relative to other competing handsets, the new set doesn’t have much to offer than allowing posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all at once. But Nokia is a Brand that offers reliable products and so this product can also be trusted blindly with its exciting new features.

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