10:10 am - Sunday February 7, 2016

Rumours of HTC Windows 8 Tablet Surface

It has been a while since we last heard about an HTC tablet, with the subject HTC Windows 8 Tableturning up a few times last year, but very little since. Last time out, it was suggested HTC was planning to build two new tablets, one with a 7-inch screen and the other with a much larger 12-inch display, and both would run Google’s Android.

However, a new report published by Focus Taiwan quotes a research paper which indicates HTC has something else in mind. Apparently, HTC is making a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1080p resolution, however instead of running Android, it’ll use Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system instead. If the report is accurate, the tablet will go into production very soon, meaning an announcement may come before the summer.

HTC has partnered with Microsoft on the phone side of the business, resulting in the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, but this would be the first time it has moved away from Android on a tablet. Microsoft is keen to get more hardware manufacturers producing equipment for its new OS, although the report doesn’t state whether HTC has chosen the full Windows 8 package, or the struggling Windows RT software.

It’s also not certain if HTC has abandoned its plans for a Nexus-challenging 7-inch Android slate, and the unusual 12-inch tablet, to concentrate on Windows 8, or if we’re going to get a whole new range of tablets from the company sometime in the near future. Right now, this is all rumour and speculation, and seeing how long it has been since the last round of HTC tablet rumours, we won’t expect any more news just yet.

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