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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release appreciated

There is growing anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that most people expect to be unveiled at IFA Berlin in September. In a recent post we thought it would be interesting to gauge if there was any interest in a waterproof Note 3, and the feedback that we have received suggests a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release would be higSamsung Galaxy Note 3hly appreciated.

The Galaxy Note 3 is a much-desired smartphone with a huge prospective market, both from previous Galaxy Note customers and also those who’ve heard how impressive the Note series has been so far. Over the last few months we’ve posted many articles with leaks and rumored specs and also asked readers what they would most like to see appear for the Note 3. Last weekend we asked readers if they had any desire for a waterproof Note 3, as it seems to us there are a growing number of people who want this feature in a phone.

We noted the success of the highly impressive Sony Xperia Z, which arrived with dust and water-resistance, and Sony certainly feels this factor is important as the company is following up with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, due for release in the third quarter. The Xperia Z Ultra is a phablet-style smartphone with a massive 6.4-inch display, and it’s also dust and water proof. Of course the Samsung Galaxy S4 also arrived in recent months, and Samsung too must feel that there is a demand for phones that are waterproof, as a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has also followed. This is a more rugged version of the S4, that has dust and water resistance.

If Samsung has managed a waterproof variety of its flagship phone, then it makes sense to us that it could also issue a Galaxy Note 3 that is waterproof, or possibly a variant of the Note 3 that features this and could perhaps be dubbed the Galaxy Note 3 Active. We’ve taken a look at comments from readers in response to our previous post on this and there is undoubtedly a demand for a waterproof Galaxy Note 3.

Many people noted a strong preference for a Note 3 waterproof variety, with some readers saying they hope for it while others expect it. One person wrote, “Would absolutely LOVE a Galaxy Note 3 Active version,” while another wrote, “Waterproofing is surely expected, it’s much better than not.” Another reader pointed out, “Waterproofing is becoming the new standard for high-end phones,” which seems to reflect the growing demand.

However, other readers felt that waterproofing was not so important for the Note 3. One reader commented, “Waterproof is not a wow spec,” and felt that a move to an aluminum design was more important. Another made the point that, “If waterproofing the Note 3 means the camera quality would have to go down like the S4 then they shouldn’t do it.”

Overall though, we’d say there was definitely a call for a waterproof Note 3, either as standard or as an ‘Active’ variant of the phone. We’d like to hear your thoughts once more. Do you back the idea of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active release? Maybe this is a minor consideration to you when compared with other desired specs and features? Let us know with your comments

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