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Xtreme-Guard Fully Body Protector for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Review

If you do choose to go out and purchase a $500 android tablet, your going to want to protect it straight away and Xtreme-Guard offer a great fully body protector at an amazing price. If your interested , read on and find out weither or not you should purchase the Xtreme Guard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes

Where ? : XtremeGuard.comGalaxy Tab 2 10.1 Review

Price : $30.00

Installation instructions

     Remove battery from device if possible. If you have a device that does not have a removable battery (iPhone/iPod) turn off the device. Add a large drop of liquid soap to approximately one cup of water and stir. Water will be used to wet and then position the protector(s). Clean surfaces to be covered.

         Wash your hands and then soak all of your fingers in the soapy water solution so you do not leave fingerprints. With wet fingers, peel off the backing from the guard, then re-dip your fingers in the solution and completely wet the protector.

         Apply and align the guard to your device; softly squeegee out any extra water and use a cloth to soak up excess moisture if necessary.   Important Note: As you squeegee out the water the skin will begin to adhere to the phone and will no longer move freely. If the skin is not aligned correctly and has become too sticky to readjust, remove it and start over. For best results, re-apply coverings as few times as possible.

You can also watch an installation video Here.

I have now had the Xtreme Guard on my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for about a month now and I can now give you my full thoughts on the fully body protector.

The Xtreme Guard applied really well onto my tablet and after 2 days all the air and water bubbles had evaporated and the Xtreme Guard gave  tablet a nice , grippy feeling the hand, I then felt save to leave my tablet on a table , with no case.

On the front of my tablet , the Xtreme Guard has a nice tacky feeling to it and did not inter-fear with the screen brightness what so ever, so that’s always good to see from an invisible protector. The screen shield didn’t show any scratches what so ever, so i doesn’t inter-fear with the clarity of the protector.

After nearly a month of using , the Xtreme Guard has held up very well and still looks brand new. Unlike other invisible protectors, the Xtreme Guard does not have the orange peel affect, so this is one reason to get the Xtreme Guard rather than other invisible protectors.


The Xtreme Guard is a great option for anyone that has just bought a new tablet or a new smartphone and at the price of just $30 it is well worth it.  With the Xtreme Guard on your tablet or phone, it will have a nice grippy feeling in the hand and overall , the Xtreme Guard improves your experience with your device.

After using the Xtreme Guard for about a month, I can gladly say that the Xtreme Guard is a great product and well worth the purchase and I highly recommend anyone who has just got a new tablet or phone , to go and grab a Xtreme Guard protector.

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